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CruiseControl.NET: Mercurial configuration

December 7, 2010

Let’s see CruiseControl.NET configuration for Mercurial repository.

Firstly be sure to install Mercurial on your build server.

Add the following tags into your configuration file (e.g. for Project1):

<project name="Project1" >

<intervalTrigger name="continuous" seconds="3600" />
<!--Repo check for new updates trigger. e.g. ones in 1 hour-->

<sourcecontrol type="hg"><!--Defining Mercurial repo-->
<repo></repo><!-- Repo path-->

If there is repository authorization issue (to get updates you need to enter authorization credentials into popup window) . To solve it you need to add hgrc file (just file name) into .hg folder (m.b. you will need to create it too) that is located in project working directory (in our case c:/project1/working). Add the following strings into the file:

default =
project.prefix =
project.username = username
project.password = password

After this CruiseControl.NET is ready to work with Mercurial repository

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