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Module test plan skeleton variant

February 11, 2011

In previous post I wrote about test plan for whole project in general. So this is continuation  describing test plan approach for project concrete module.

Module test plan

1. Overview

Module overview in general

2. Test strategy

Recommended approach to testing module. Provide description how to test, what technique and so on.

Choose type of test applicable for the module and describe why.

2.1. Release criteria

List module release criteria

2.2 Features to be tested

List module features to be tested (some features are not implemented)

2.3. Features not to be tested

List module features no to test (list features that are not implemented to the time of testing)

2.4. Test types

Firstly choose applicable test types for the module and argue your choice.

( all divided into classes according to FURPS). Every group should contain test objectives, technique, completion criteria and special consideration.

2.4.1. Functional

Function testing, security testing, new feature testing, data and database integrity testing

2.4.2. Usability

User interface testing, localization testing

2.4.3. Reliability

Failover and recovery testing,

2.4.4. Performance

Performance profiling, load testing, stress testing, volume testing

2.4.5. Supportability

configuration(compatibility) testing, installation tests

2.5. Resources

This section presents the recommended resources for project, their main responsibilities, and other knowledge or skill sets.

2.5.1. Roles

Describe staff

2.5.2. System

Specific elements of the test system

3. Remaining test tasks

List all remaining test tasks (not implemented yet)

4. Scenarios (as appendix)

List of test scenarios

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