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CMS performance testing. Analysis Summary

February 28, 2011

Analysis Summary

Here the analysis summary for previously published posts concerning CMS performance.

CMS performance testing. Part I

CMS performance testing. Part II (DotNetNuke)

CMS performance testing. Part III (Kentico)

CMS performance testing. Part IV (Sitefinity)

1.1.         Summary

For this system configuration DNN CMS was the best one. But response time values are too high to accept by end user (sometimes about 25 seconds for 100 concurrent users). According to ramp-up run we found out that system can handle about 650 concurrent users (response time grows accordingly to 120 seconds and then system starts to drop users by timeout).  As we figured out the main problem now is MS ISS server CPU bottleneck.

Kentico and Sitefinity content management systems  are good only for small amount of concurrent users (no more than 50). The problems are discovered in data base layer: a lot of inline queries to be compiled at execution time, too many data base calls; business layer: heavy load to MS IIS server.  From load results we can see poor performance for small user amount.

1.2.         Recommendations

Actually DNN CMS is better one but requires another MS ISS server (more powerful processor to handle the load).

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