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Test Complete: managing remote linux services (JBOSS_SVC example)

February 9, 2015

There are some situations when you need to test application on remote Linux server and sometimes one needs to reboot some services. So we face this problem when we need to restart jboss service remotely from Test Complete js code on Windows based PC.

First of all you need to install putty and plink applications onto your Test Executor PC.

Then you need to create files with service commands, e.g.:


service JBOSS_SVC start

and stopjboss

service JBOSS_SVC stop

To operate with putty and plink execution use the following code example:

var JBOSS_EXEC_START_FILE_PATH = ProjectSuite.Path + "path\\to\\linuxcmd\\startjboss";
var JBOSS_EXEC_STOP_FILE_PATH = ProjectSuite.Path + "path\\to\\linuxcmd\\stopjboss"

function callServiceLinux(connectorProperties, command) {
    var WshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
    var oExec = WshShell.Exec("cmd.exe /q /k echo off");
    oExec.StdIn.WriteLine("chcp 65001");

    // used for accepting fingerprint
    // using command: "echo y | plink root@ -pw 11111 exit"

    var plinkCmd = "echo y | plink %s@%s -pw %s exit"
    var puttyCmd = "putty %s@%s -pw %s -m %s"

    oExec.StdIn.WriteLine(aqString.Format(plinkCmd, OSPath.LINUX_USERNAME,, OSPath.LINUX_PASSWORD))

    if (command == OSPath.JBOSS_CMD_START) {
        oExec.StdIn.WriteLine(aqString.Format(puttyCmd, OSPath.LINUX_USERNAME,, OSPath.LINUX_PASSWORD,
    } else if (command == OSPath.JBOSS_CMD_STOP) {
        oExec.StdIn.WriteLine(aqString.Format(puttyCmd, OSPath.LINUX_USERNAME,, OSPath.LINUX_PASSWORD,
    } else {
        Log.Error("Incorrect command: '" + command + "'")
        return false
    return true

plink used for accepting fingerprint prompt, e.g.:

echo y | plink root@ -pw password1334 exit
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