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Jenkins: running FlexUnit tests on headless Centos 6.7 x64

December 14, 2015

Recently I was asked to configure the FlexUnit test execution upon our Jenkins CI, but all our executors located in the cloud.
Below is a brief summary of the items that need to be installed and setup.

Installation and configuration


First of all one need flash player on board. To get sources follow Abode downloads page and on that page you need this particular link Actually, I didn’t success in debug version installation due t0 some ssl lib compatibility problems.
Once you have downloaded libraries, unpack it:

tar -xzvf flashplayer_11_sa.i386.tar.gz

Make the symbolic link gflashplayer:

mv flashplayerdebugger /usr/bin/
ln -s /usr/bin/flashplayerdebugger /usr/bin/gflashplayer

Try to execute gflashplayer, if there is any error saying you have some missing dependencies, then run

 ldd flashplayer 

to find out and install all missing 32bit dependencies.


Install xvnc, windowing system and vnc password

yum install vnc-server   
yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"   

Be sure to set up your FlexUnit task to run in headless mode, to do that you need to configure parameters mentioned below:

  • headless -> true (default: false)

    Setting this attribute to true allows the task to execute tests headlessly via Xvnc.

  • port –> 1024 (default: 1024)

    Setting this attribute informs the task to listen for test results on the specified port. Using this attribute implies that the port on the CIListener instance registered on the FlexUnitCore is registered with the same port number.

  • display –> 99 (default: 99)

    The base display number used by Xvnc for headless support in the task. See below for more details on running headlessly.


It is good practice to kill everything that can bother your ant task execution, the JobDSL chunk below that helps you solve xvnc problems, e.g:

shell('killall Xvnc Xrealvnc || true; rm -fv /tmp/.X*-lock /tmp/.X11-unix/X*')
                    'version': "\$VERSION",
                    'base.source.dir': "\$WORKSPACE/project",
                    '': "\$WORKSPACE/${JOB_NAME}",
                    'flex.sdk.dir': '/opt/flexsdk',
                    'air.sdk.dir': '/opt/airsdk',
shell('killall Xvnc Xrealvnc || true;')
Useful links:


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