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Selenium IDE: bad practices of lazy test engineer

December 26, 2015

Once upon a time it was nothing serious to do. So let’s find out how QA engineers without good programming skills can use the power of Selenium. Surely you know about Selenium IDE Firefox browser plugin. It is useful for simple automation routine. But what if you need to run tests with various parameters? Loop around array? So then search helped me to find out the following.

It is possible to write extensions for execution while statement. Let’s do it, add an extension to Selenium IDE. Run Selenium IDE browser plugin, go to plugin options and add Selenium Core extensions:


To get while extension javaScript go to my public gist and save it.

Further magic, how to implement while loop in Selenium IDE table context?


In more detail, see example:

New Test
Command Target Value
storeEval new Array(“car”,”truck”, “Bus”, “motorcycle”, “bicycle”); vehicles
getEval myitems=0;
while myitems < storedVars[‘vehicles’].length
storeEval myitems myvar
echo javascript{storedVars[‘vehicles’][storedVars[‘myvar’]]}
getEval myitems++;


So use such strange manipulations one can implement while loop in Selenium IDE plugin.

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