Changing the character set for Sybase ASE 16

If you need to change char set you can invoke the following commands on your server
1. Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable. Otherwise you’ll get

ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: internal Client Library error: There is a tds login error. The installed encryption handler returned a status that was not CS_SUCCEED

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/sybase/OCS-16_0/lib3p64/

2. Invoke charset utility with

/opt/sybase/ASE-16_0/bin//charset -U${ASE_ADMIN} -P${ASE_ADMIN_PWD} -S${ASE_SERVER} utf8

3. Invoke isql utility with

/opt/sybase/OCS-16_0/bin/isql -Usa -PmyPassword -SMYSYBASE
>sp_configure 'default sortorder id', 50, 'utf8'

4. Restart Sybase ASE server



For more details refer to Sybase ASE 16 documentation

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