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Continuous code quality improvement with SonarQube (Russian edition)


QA interview questions(russian edition)

Follow the link to see QA interview questions. Now question list is in Russian language. English version is coming soon..

QA interview questions(in Russian)


Sprint Commitment – it is only in your head

Overall there seems to be too much fuzz around sprint commitment and Burndowns. But sprint is a tool, not a goal. Neither we work for nice metrics. Our job is to create and maintain products. If this function is impaired just to make the charts green, it means we shift our priority from the product to the metrics.

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jobDSL plugin: scripting Jenkins CI configuration

Jenkins: changed workspace directory locations

Recently found out that workspace dir in latest Jenkins versions is changed.
For example, on Centos $WORKSPACE changed from /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/<job_name>/workspace to /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/<job_name>

Keep it in mind if you’re working with custom workspaces.

UPD: Found the same info in blog


Jenkins jobDSL: simple questions and answers

During getting with Jenkins jobDSL I faced some questions.

It took time to find right solutions so to save your time I post some tips in question-answer manner.

I hope it will help you in your difficult automation path.



How to use Jenkins parameters in groovy code?
Sample code:


// define parameters as
parameters {
    stringParam('VERSION', '', '')
    stringParam('BRANCH', 'master', '')


// use it like this


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