CruiseControl.NET: Transforming build result e-mail

Sometimes it is no enough time to go to Cruise Control .NET web dashboard to see build results. So we need to see all information we need in build report e-mail. There is not such opportunity in EmailPublisher section of project configuration (by default: ccnet.config).

To do this you need to modify ccnet.exe.config file:

<!-- Specifies the stylesheets that are used to transform the build results when using the EmailPublisher -->
 <file name="xsl\header.xsl"/>
 <file name="xsl\compile.xsl"/>
 <file name="xsl\unittests.xsl"/>
 <file name="xsl\fit.xsl"/>
 <file name="xsl\modifications.xsl"/>
 <file name="xsl\fxcop-summary_1_36.xsl"/>