Powershell: Launching Amazon EC2 instance as Web UI test server


As I mentioned in previous post how to deploy .net application on remote machine. So there is a way how to launch temporary Amazon EC2 instance for Web UI testing. Firstly you need to configure Amazon EC2 instance and save it as image(AMIs). Then apply script below: Continue reading “Powershell: Launching Amazon EC2 instance as Web UI test server”

.NET Application Remote Web Deploy automation


The aim was to automate Web application remote deployment on Amazon EC2 instance. To achieve it I was using Microsoft Web Deploy IIS extension(this feature included into MS VS 2010). Below the main steps how to do it.

Main steps

1. First of all using powershell I automated Amazon EC2 instance launch where all necessary software were installed and configured according to blog post. Do not forget to add port 8172 to Amazon security and set MS Deploy service to Automatic start.

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CruiseControl.NET: PowerShell tasks

Sometimes before you start building you need to perform some more additional actions on build server(e.g. clean up some folder or replace config files). The way out is to use PowerShell. You can easily specify tag in CruiseControl.NET project configuration file and add PowerShell task. Continue reading “CruiseControl.NET: PowerShell tasks”

SeleniumHQ: launching MS Visual Studio tests for different browsers

Sometimes you need to automate functional tests for application with Web UI. SeleniumHQ is a free tool that is good for this purposes which you can integrate with MS Visual Studio.

You can launch test in different browsers like this: Continue reading “SeleniumHQ: launching MS Visual Studio tests for different browsers”

CruiseControl.NET: StyleCop configuration

In this post we are going to describe StyleCop configuration for CruiseControl.NET (for 1.5 RC1 release and higher only).

Follow the steps:

1. Install StyleCop on machine where Cruise Control .NET located (actually must be you buil server).

2. Create msbuild.proj file in you MS Visual Studio project folder (where solution file is). Insert the code into created file:

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